Fantasy Baseball Week Seven

I guess I got a little cocky last week.  Now I am in third place after tying Don 6-6.  Ryan is back in first place.  I will give credit to Don’s team, who had a fantastic week at the plate.  Seriously, 15 HRs and 8 SBs???  Did any other team have that?  I think not.  I thought for sure I would win stolen bases, but oh no.  I did not stand a chance.

Elvis Andrus was my best hitter, 8/0/4/5/.345/.406.  Take that in for a second, my best player’s average was lower than Don’s entire team.  How does that even happen?  After Andrus, Brandon Phillips was pretty good, but after that it was a pretty crappy week for my entire team.

Bobby Parnell, Jim Henderson, and Drew Smyly were all pretty great as relievers.  Only Patrick Corbin was a good starter.  It sucks when every starter decides to have a bad week.  Fortunately, Don’s team is not so good at pitching. 

This week I take on Sean and we have had some major battles in the past.  I really need to beat him and not fall too far behind Ryan.