Fantasy Baseball Week Six

That is a pretty good week.  I gave Pat a pretty good smack down.  I actually feel bad though, he is desperately trying to wait for certain players to turn it on, but also find guys who can help him in the present.  Luckily my team hit three home runs on Sunday to help me tie that category and complete the shut-out.

My best hitter was probably Jose Bautista, whose line was 4/2/7/0/.360/.438.  The rest of the team hit quite well.  My big pick up this week was Garrett Jones and I made sure to only start him against right-handed pitchers, his line was 2/1/4/0/.429/.375.

Wainwright was my best starter, Matt Cain finally decided to show up for once, and all the rest were pretty damn good.  There was some shocks from my relievers.  Parnell picked up two wins, Chris Perez and Joe Nathan racked up three saves each, and Kenley Jansen had eight strikeouts and one hold. 

I am now in first place overall with a 42-23-7 record.  Ryan is in second place, and leading his division with a record of 42-24-6.  Yep, it is a pretty close battle.  Oh and there are other folks too, but they are so far down in the standings that it is hard to spot them.  This week I take on Game Changers, who is in 8th place and should not provide much of a challenge.  Yes, I am getting cocky.