Game of Thrones: Kissed By Fire

Another awesome episode.  Here are some of my thoughts on the greatness.

-Jon Snow and Ygritte finally hooked up in a cave.  This was after Jon told the wildlings the best place to cross the Wall.  Also, it turns out that Jon does know something…

-Robb is definitely his father’s son.  Karstark decided to kill the Lannister boys and Robb is forced to punish him.  If he executes him, then he loses half his army, yet everyone says he should just hold him hostage:  imprison Karstark and force his men to fight for him.  What does Robb choose?  I am sure you can guess.

At least Robb has a great idea, the Freys will join his army and they can march on Casterly Rock together.  Problem solved…

-Speaking of the Lannisters, Tywin continues to be fantastic.  He absolutely hates his children and how does he punish them?  He forces Tyrion to marry Sansa, so they can have control of the North once Robb falls.  And once Cersei laughs at Tyrion, Tywin reveals that she will marry Ser Loras so they can have a child that will also rule Highgarden.  Yeah, Tywin does not just want to have a shitty grandchild as king, he wants his family to control the Seven Kingdoms.

Any other folks would be happy with marrying Loras and Sansa.  Tyrion feels that his family has made Sansa suffer enough and Cersei does not want to be in another loveless marriage, since Loras plays for a different team.

-The Hound and Beric had a great sword fight and unfortunately, the Hound was the winner.  He cut through Beric and a few minutes after Thoros said a little prayer, Beric rose from the dead and informed the Hound that he was free to go.  Arya was not pleased (nor all that impressed that a man rose from the dead).

-Roose Bolton was much nicer to Jaime and Brienne.  One of the best scenes in that book ended up being a fantastic scene in the show.  This is the point where you really started to understand Jaime.  He tells the story of why he killed the Mad King.  The man was going to have pyromancers burn the entire city and kill thousands of women and children.  Jaime could not allow that to happen, he killed the pyromancers and then stabbed the king.  Jaime was going to stand by the king even with his father about to storm the gates and take control.

He then says how when Ned Stark came in, he could see that Ned was judging him and that it did not matter what the truth was, or that the king had burned Ned’s father and brother alive.  He says the classic line “by what right does the wolf judge the lion?”  He then almost drowns and Brienne saves him, screaming for help, yelling “Help the Kingslayer!”  Jaime looks up and says “my name is Jaime.”  Such a great scene.

I cannot wait until Sunday!