Game of Thrones: Second Sons

Last night’s episode featured a wedding, but it was not the one we were waiting for.  Instead it was between Sansa and Tyrion.  The dwarf decided to get super drunk and threaten to cut off Joffrey’s cock.  He also did not have sex with Sansa.

Arya learned that the Hound is not a complete dick.  He is not taking her back to King’s Landing, instead he plans to deliver her back to her family at Edmure’s wedding.  He also informed her that he saved Sansa’s life and virginity once.

Samwell decided to not completely suck and after getting his sword knocked away by a White Walker, he uses the dragon-glass dagger he found to stab the creature, which causes it to die.  Something tells me that will be important information later.  Unfortunately, he drops the dagger and ran away.  Also, how useless is he, Gilly had to start the fire to keep them from freezing.

Gendry almost got laid by Melisandre, but instead she got him all horny, then tied him to the bed and decided to stick some leeches on his body, including his penis.  She tosses the leeches into a fire once they have some of Gendry’s blood in order to show Stannis and Davos how powerful a king’s blood can be.

Daenerys meets with the captains of the Second Sons, a mercenary force that protects Yunkai.  There are only 2000 of them, but they would do damage to the Unsullied in a battle.  Fortunately, one of the captains, Daario Naharis fights for beauty and he murders the other two captains and brings the Second Sons to Daenerys.

I noticed that people were complaining about the casting choice of Daario.  He is supposed to be attractive, but his hair is blue (I do not know if blue hair is natural in that world) and he has a beard that is forked into three pieces or something.

I have no problem with the fact that they decided not to give the guy blue hair or a braided beard.  I have a feeling they had to do this because it would be hard for the audience to believe that a man with a crazy beard and colored hair would be found sexy by Daenerys.  It should be fun to see how Jorah and this guy get along!  Also, so glad they gave him his signature sword handles…

Also, it would be silly not to mention my favorite part of the episode:  Mero!  Yes, he only had a few lines and he basically just talked a bunch of shit to Daenerys about how they would rape her after they defeated her army and then make her a slave.  He also asked her to get naked a few times.  He was just a fantastic bit of entertainment.  And then he did this: