Game of Thrones: The Bear and The Maiden Fair

I was looking forward to his episode for awhile.  I really wanted to see the battle between Brienne and a bear, and then the moment where Jaime jumps into the pit…in the book it had my heart pumping and when they escaped, I was probably shouting “hell yeah!”  The show did an okay job with it, but I wanted more actual fighting with a bear (probably difficult when you use an actual, live bear).

Oh well, the episode was a bit boring though as it set up a bunch of stuff for a finale.  There was one truly remarkable scene though:  Tywin versus Joffrey.  It has been the moment we have been waiting for, when would Tywin let the king know just who is in charge.

At first Joffrey tries to be in control, demanding that he be told of Small Council Meetings, in case he would want to attend them.  And then he wants to know why they are now held in the Tower of the Hand?  Tywin coolly responds that they are held there because it would take too much time from his busy day to walk over to the castle and hold the meetings there.  He is far too important to waste any seconds of his day.

Joffrey then realizes that he cannot scare or control his grandfather and his tone changes to meek.  Everything about the scene was great from the acting to the camera work.  As mentioned over at the Warming Glow, you could mute the scene and know exactly who was in control.

There was also a cringe-inducing moment where Theon is castrated.  It starts out by two girls coming to seduce him and then ends with Ramsay interrupting and saying how he is going to cut off his manhood.

Other stuff happened, but most of it was just some talking between characters.  Jamie makes a comment about sending Robb his regards at the wedding.  Oh, and Ygritte thought a windmill was a palace.  The Hound kidnaps Arya, and Daenerys demands that the city she is outside of now free all of their slaves.  She really hates slavery.