I Made Some Changes

You may have noticed that I changed the color scheme and template.  I decided to go with a lighter theme this time.  Something bright.  Hope you all like it.  If not, well please send your complaints to the comments.

I also added some Google+ stuff to the right.  I may even start using my Google+ account for more than, umm, whatever the hell I use it for now.  If you want, go ahead and add me.  We can be friends there and you can just crack up at all the wonderful things I add there.

Speaking of Google+, I decided to update my profile picture.  What do you think?  Should I someday take down the half-naked picture of me?  So many questions.  You should definitely comment with answers.  Thanks.

And hey, since you were so good with the whole reading this and giving me input, I will reward you with this funny video.  Enjoy!