Mad Men Stuff

I realize that I have been pretty silent about this season of Mad Men.  This season has been good, but not great or anything.  So what has been happening?

-Don is falling deeper into his self-destructive behavior.  He is now having an affair with his neighbor’s wife.  At the same time, he feels somewhat bad and has become friends with the guy, although I am starting to think that the doctor has his suspicions.

-Megan’s acting career is starting to take off.  She is signing autographs for people and this is something Don does not like.  He hated seeing her have a sex scene with an actor and he called her a whore for it.  I also think he hates the idea of her not really needing him.

-On the advertising end, SCDP has been doing quite well, even if Don has to deal with the fat guy who slept with Joan.  They at least have a car company and they seem to be doing well financially.  Enough so that they were about to go public and all become very rich.

-Pete has been caught being a cheating bastard.  Trudie has basically kicked him out and told him to just keep up the appearance of a marriage.  It almost seemed like they might reconcile, but then Pete gets caught at a whorehouse by Trudie’s father.  Pete figured that the man would do nothing, since he was seen leaving the room of “a large negro woman” as Pete put it.  Unfortunately, Pete was wrong, and his father-in-law took Vick’s to another firm.

-At the same time as that, Don basically told the fat Jaguar guy to go to hell and that they did not need Jaguar.  This pretty much screws the firm on the going public deal.  Everyone was pissed at Don.

-Roger has had an interesting season.  His mother died and he is still sleeping with just about anyone he can find.  He decided to get on a plane with a guy from Chevy.  He makes friends with the guy and SCDP is invited to pitch an idea for a new Chevy car.  Don feels like this is a victory.

-Don and Ted pitch each other their Chevy ideas and realize that they are both good and both will lose because their firms are too small.  The episode ends with both of them telling Peggy that they are merging and that they won the Chevy account.

I am curious to see how this turns out.   Did the rest of the partners accept this?  How will creative be structured?  Will Ted be Don’s boss or vice-versa?  Or will they allow Peggy to be more of the creative force of the new firm?  She has been given permission to name the new place.

-Speaking of Peggy…she has been highly successful.  She wanted to buy a place in the upper West Side, but Abe does not like that.  He wants to raise their children in the slums, be part of a real community.  This makes Peggy happy, but then she kisses Ted and now fantasizes about him.  Irritating since Peggy has risen up without having to sleep with her boss.

-Oh, and Pete fell down the stairs.  I feel like this might have been accidental and they just kept it in because it looked so good.

-Also does anyone have a theory about the guy, I think his name is Bob?  He keeps trying to insert himself into the story and everyone basically tells him to go back to work.