My Good Deed

Sometimes I do nice things for people.  And when I do, I want to get some credit for it.  So allow me to brag about how nice I am.

I was at the place I normally go to get a haircut and the place was very busy.  I am guessing everyone wanted to get haircuts for Mother’s Day or something.  Tons of children.  I had been waiting for about a half hour and I knew that I was next in line.  This young girl comes in and she seems pretty frantic.

She asks the lady how long it would be for her to get her eyebrows waxed.  Apparently, she forgot to schedule an appointment for this and her prom is tomorrow.  She has an appointment for her hair tomorrow, but I guess you do not want your eyebrows waxed the day of the prom (I have no idea why, ladies please explain).  The lady tells her that it will be between 45 minutes to an hour.  The girl gets very upset.  She says that she has a bunch of stuff to do after this, and she does not have time.  She asks if there is any way for the lady to just do it real fast now.

The lady explains that she cannot allow the girl to skip everyone and that she is very sorry, but there is really nothing she can do to help her.  She can come back later when it should be slower.  The girl is almost on the verge of tears, so I decided to step in.

Me:  She can go in my spot.  I am not in a hurry.
Lady:  She cannot just skip you, she would be skipping everyone.
Me:  Fine, just give her my spot, and I will take her spot at the bottom.  In fact, I will just leave and come back later when it is slow.
Lady:  I do not think that is allowed, since she would still be skipping all these other people.
Me:  (to all the other people waiting)  Does anyone care if I give this poor girl my spot?  No, okay thanks.  (to Lady)  I will just go run some errands then come back, problem solved.
Girl:  Thank you so much!
Other People in Line:  Wow, that is so nice of you!

You should all be more like me.

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