The other day, Lindsey and I went to see the movie Oblivion while we were in Pittsburgh.  I wanted to see it since I heard some good things.  As much as I try to be all anti-Tom Cruise because of his Scientology, I just cannot hate the guy.  I loved Collateral and some of his other films, so whatever.  The movie ended up being pretty good.  I am going to give away the major secret, so if you have not seen it, I would probably skip reading the next three paragraphs.

The movie is set in the future, with Tom Cruise and some red-headed working as a team of drone repairmen.  She is his communications link while the rest of humanity lives on the Tet because after an alien invasion, earth is uninhabitable.  Unfortunately, right at the beginning, Cruise gives a little speech about a dream or something and from that moment, I was put on edge that their must be a big twist coming. 

I did not predict it completely, but I knew from the moment the lady on board the Tet was introduced that there was something amiss.  It turns out that the aliens actually won and the things that Cruise is hunting are the remaining humans in hiding.  He was an astronaut pilot that was sent with a team to investigate an alien object that appeared in the solar system.  He jettisons his team (including his wife, who are still asleep) and along with his co-pilot (the red-headed girl) gets sucked into the giant object.  Later, when the invasion army comes to the planet, they are all clones of Tom Cruise.  

Blah blah blah, Tom Cruise realizes that he is just a clone and decides to sacrifice himself by blowing up the Tet.  I guess that all the clones have a little bit of the original in them and they remember the wife and all that stuff.  The ending was a little lackluster and the sacrifice scene was pretty stupid.  And they really should have used Jaime Lannister a bit better.  It was entertaining though and I recommend checking it out if you enjoy science fiction movies.

Since you have either finished or skipped ahead, allow me to tell you the story of some horrible folks beside us at the theater.  This couple would not shut the fuck up during the entire movie.  I do not mind if someone talks a little bit, especially if they make funny jokes about the movie or makes references to other movies any of the actors have been in (for example, anytime Elrond shows up in any LOTR movie, it is expected that someone say “Mr. Anderson!” in an Agent Smith voice).

These people were not that way.  They were talking about anything and everything, and then they would miss shit in the movie and be like “so wait, why is he doing that?  I think they said he is a magical unicorn.”  I wanted to murder them.

That is bad and I think that kind of thing should earn the people a good punch in the face, but that was not their worst offense.  The guy’s cell phone went off and he answered it!  Started having a conversation about where they would meet some dude after the movie.  That kind of thing should be punishable by death.  If I was a super assassin, I would have killed them with a toothpick or a playing card…