Star Trek Into Darkness

I saw this last week and thought it was quite good.  I enjoy the way they are doing these films, instead of just rebooting them, making it an alternate timeline because of time-travel in the future.  In fact, I always enjoy time-travel.

I only had one small problem with the movie.  I think it should have ended a few minutes earlier than it did.  If you have not seen the movie, you will want to stop here because there will be some spoilers from here on out.

The perfect ending would have been Kirk’s sacrifice and Spock yelling “KHHHAAANNNNN!!!!”  They could have ended the film with Khan escaping and Bones putting Kirk into a cryogenic sleep.  He could have then said something to Spock about how they would need Khan’s blood or else Kirk would die.

Instead, they go to San Francisco and have a nice foot chase and then Spock and Khan fight.  I know that Vulcans are supposed to be stronger than humans, but Khan was seen taking out a whole squad of Klingons and then squeezing a man’s skull until it exploded.  Did Spock really stand a chance?

Do not get me wrong, I did not hate the ending.  I just felt that Khan could have been used even better if there was another movie of his villainy.  Unless they plan to bring Khan back again at some point.  Seriously, they need to, Benedict Cumberbatch was absolutely fantastic as Khan.  That voice was haunting at times.

I honestly thought at first that maybe Khan in this universe would be a “good” guy.  He would help the Enterprise and then Kirk would betray him and that would cause Khan to want revenge on Kirk (for another movie).

I definitely enjoyed these Star Trek movies more than I did the Star Wars prequels.  I have faith that Abrams will do a fine job with episode seven…