The iPotty

I saw this on Bill Maher last night and thought it was a little bit funny, but also slightly scary.  The idea is that kids can stay entertained while potty training.  If you are a parent reading this and you are considering buying this, you should probably punch yourself in the face.

I am sorry if that is slightly harsh, but kids do not need to be conditioned to poop on a toilet while playing on their iPad.  That kind of thing is for adults only!  Kids will be in the bathroom for hours playing stupid games.

Children have learned how to poop in a toilet for years without fancy technological devices.  I am sure your child will survive for five minutes without some gadget.  I find it fascinating that people complain about the way children are becoming more dependent on television, computers, etc and then BOOM:  people rush out to buy stuff like this!

I think this Calvin & Hobbes strip sums it up: