The Movie Experience

When Lindsey and I walked into the theater the other night to see Iron Man 3, I had a cup of coffee.  The manager was standing there where we paid.  I was waiting for him to mention that you could not take outside beverages into the theater, but he, nor the kid taking tickets ever said anything.  I actually had to ask where a trash can was to throw it away.

I am 97.3% sure that I could have taken it inside with me and no one would have cared.  When did this become commonplace.  I see it all the time.  People will walk into a restaurant with their own bottle of water or juice.  I have seen folks stroll into my place with a cup of Starbucks coffee and order breakfast.  I tell them that they are not allowed to have outside beverages, and they look at me like I am the most evil person ever.  When did this happen?

Fifteen minutes into the movie, I heard the guys behind me whispering something and I thought I heard one of them say “mumble mumble sleeping?”  I looked over at Lindsey, who was asleep with her head cocked to one side and her mouth wide open.  I started laughing and gave her a little nudge to wake her up.  She nodded off a few more times over the next couple of minutes, but then she woke up and was able to stay up for the entire movie.

I am tired of the post-credits scene in Marvel movies.  Especially if Marvel is going to extend the credits to be funny.  Also, if the scene is going to be something unimportant and just a little joke, then I will not waste my time.  Sorry, but waiting ten minutes to see Mark Ruffalo was not worth it.