Fantasy Baseball Week Eleven

“You must feel proud and good.  Strong enough to beat the world!”Teddy KGB (Rounders).
I mention that quote because, well Rounder is a good movie and John Malkovich’s ridiculous Russian accent is fantastic, but also because Offord had to feel like he had a chance to take me down.  Since week six, Offord has been 36-22, while I have been 9-12 in the last two weeks.  A victory for him could have moved him past me in the standings.  Sorry man, did not mean to spoil your fun.

I will quickly mention my best players:  Adam Lind and Adam Wainwright.  No real need to go heavily into their stats.  I picked Lind up the other day and he rewarded me with 2 HRs, 5 RBIs, .385 average and OBP.  I also want to mention that Brandon Phillips only his .194 this week, but he managed to have 10 RBIs.  That was nice of him.  My pitching was ummm, okay.  Kenley Jansen was moved to the closer role and I am again looking for someone to pick up some holds for me.  When Perez comes back, I may have to drop a closer.  Yeah right…

My team’s hitting stats are actually towards the bottom in almost every category except stolen bases.  I have one of the worst OBPs.  I believe that was from the early season struggles of a few players, but things are starting to turn around.  This could be something to watch though.  Overall my hitting stats record is 23-36-7.  Not very good at all.

I am near the top in every pitching category.  This has carried my season so far, but I have to be a little concerned with the fact that my pitching has not been as stellar the past few weeks.  My pitching record is 52-10-4.  I have not lost a week of strikeouts and there was only one week where I lost wins.

These are all the players that I have had on my team this year.  I have made some good trades and roster moves that have significantly helped my team.  Also, not being married to a player has really helped.  If a pitcher is not doing well, cut him.

Buster Posey has been my best player, but Mark Trumbo is also very close.  Jose Bautista started off super slow, but he has turned it around and his stats are almost identical to Trumbo’s.  Adam Wainwright has been the best pitcher for me, with Lance Lynn and Anibal Sanchez pretty close.  Considering with how late of a draft pick Lynn was, I would say he has worked out quite well.

I am quite happy with my team right now.  I am still in second place overall with a 75-46-11 record (in case you could not add).  I am only two games behind Ryan.  I take on Jason this week, who is struggling this season, but is coming off a nice win, so who knows.

The top three in the league are also the ones with the most transactions this season.  Coincidence?  Doubtful.  There is a lesson here for anyone who actually reads this, never be content with your team.  Always look to pick someone up.  Always evaluate players.  I picked up Torii Hunter because he was hot, but now he is coming back to earth.  You think I am going to allow him to keep hitting .250 for me?  Probably not, I will find someone to replace him.