Fantasy Baseball Week Nine

Damn it!  I think I would rather be destroyed by someone than to lose such a close battle.  We traded places a few times over the weekend.  Stupid RBIs…

Desmond Jennings was my best hitter for average and .OBP (.474/.583).  Brandon Phillips was a close second, but he was also a bit more rounded, hitting a home run and stealing a base.  Nate McLouth hit .346 and stole four bases. 

Adam Wainwright had a nice week with two wins and fifteen strikeouts.  My starters were not that spectacular though, instead it was my relievers who did the most damage for me.  All of them except for Francisco Rodriguez gave up zero runs.  He had an ERA of 3.00, so he was pretty good as well.

I would like to point out that Justin Wilson was pretty awesome.  He picked up a win, gave up no runs and had six strikeouts during the week.  A very nice pickup to fill in while Perez and Henderson are out.

I am still in second place overall, trailing Ryan by 3.5 games.  My record is 62-38-8.  This week I take on Gideon.  I need to catch Ryan this week.