Fantasy Baseball Week Twelve

I hate a tie.  Seriously, I would rather lose.  I also hate when my team is so bad, yet it is still close.  If they are going to hit that poorly, I would rather I just get crushed.  I know that is weird, but that is just how I am.

Yasiel Puig was my best hitter this week.  They keep saying that he will decline when pitchers start to adjust to him, but that has not happened yet:  6/2/2/1/.320/.393.  I will take that line every week.  Nate McLouth had a decent week, which means he hit over .300.  Basically everyone else sucked a donkey dong.

My pitching was pretty damn good this week.  Although, my relievers are all being converted into closers, so holds are hard to come by.  Ten saves is nice, but is it really necessary?  I may have to look for a trade.  Maybe a closer like Joe Nathan for something.  It would be weird to consider trading a top end closer for a middle reliever (I would probably ask for another player to be involved). 

It is interesting that in all the years of doing this league, only a few people take advantage of the holds.  I have never understood this attitude.  You can get a bunch of guys who collect holds easier than closers.  In fact, you can pair two guys up, say a Justin Wilson and Mark Melancon and pretty much always get two holds to every save that Grilli picks up.  Sorry, just ranting here.

As you can see, I only had two wins this week, and one of those came from a closer who blew a save and then lost his closer role (Andrew Bailey).  The other win came from Lance Lynn.  I would like to mention that Matt Cain had a very nice week, but did not pick up any wins.  He struck out 18 batters and had a 3.46 ERA/.92 WHIP in two starts.  Way to go San Francisco offense!

Going back to Joe Nathan, the man had five saves this week.  Bobby Parnell had three.  Even if I traded both of those guys, I would still have tied Jason this week.  That would still leave me Jim Henderson and Kenley Jansen, with Chris Perez coming off the DL soon.    I also have Junichi Tazawa, but I am not sure if he is the closer since he got a hold the other day for pitching in the 7th inning.  They said he would close again, but who really knows.  Not that I am overly concerned.

My record is now 81-52-11.  I am still leading my division, but I am now six games back of Ryan for the overall lead.  I take on Pat this week, who is in last place and I shut out last time.  My team needs to play better or that will not happen.