Game of Thrones: The Rains of Castamere

The episode was awesome.  I do not know if the season finale can top this one.  I am going to warn you that there will be major spoilers in this post.  Sorry, just the way it is.

Yep, she was able to conquer the city of Yunkai with the help of her new man-friend, Daario.  It was a pretty quick battle, the slaves rose up and did most of the work.  And it seems like Dany is ready to start banging the long-haired hippy freak.

Wall Time
-Jon Snow reveals that he is not a traitor.  He kills the warg-guy and pretty much ends his relationship with Ygritte.

-Bran actually helps save Jon by using his own warg skills and going into his dire wolf and attacking of the Wildlings who tried to kill Jon.  Although, Jon runs away before Bran can reveal himself.  Oh, and Bran was able to take over Hodor’s mind.

I wondered if they would really go into the Bran is a warg and then this season when we met the warg Wildling, I knew they would.  I guess this has much to do with the final outcome.  I have a feeling that Bran will return with an army of the Children of the Forest in order to defeat the White Walkers and save the entire world.  Yep, pretty crazy season seven prediction.

-Bran has decided that Osha will take Rickon away while he and the Reeds head across the Wall.  Rickon cried a bit, but Bran makes a very grown-up decision.  He informs Rickon that if something happens to Bran or Robb, Rickon is the heir of Winterfell.

-I am really hoping that Rickon, Shaggy Dog, and Osha have some crazy adventure.

-Sam made an appearance and his girl called him a wizard.  It was kind of funny.

The Red Wedding

I knew this was coming.  This was a part of the book that I actually had to read twice because I could not believe what just happened.  I was kind of hoping that the show would spare Robb since he became such a likable character, but I was way wrong.  Also, his wife does not attend the wedding in the book, her getting stabbed repeatedly really shocked me.

The best part of the scene though was the reaction from Catelyn as the band starts to play “The Rains of Castamere.”  She realizes something is wrong and then notices that Roose is wearing his armor.  Then the stabbing starts.  I cannot imagine watching that scene if you had not read the book.  I also loved the little change of Roose saying “the Lannisters give their regards.”  In the book, he says “Jaime  Lannister sends his regards.”  Or something like that.

Was there anything more depressing than seeing Arya there?  Can that poor girl ever have anything good happen to her?

I wonder how they will top this episode…

Below is an acoustic cover of “The Rains of Castamere” that has the lyrics go along with it.