House on the Hill

Remember when I took a picture of the nice house on the hill, but I complained that it was too hard to get a good picture from the road?  No?  You do not remember that?  Why not?  How can you forget about a post I wrote in October of 2011???

Okay, so you are finished reading that?  Good.  I pass their driveway and consider driving up to see what the house is like.  Fortunately, I can own it for the low price of $649,000.  It does not actually sound like that ridiculous of a price, considering you also get ten acres of land.  One of the really big houses down the road is for sale and it is $200,000 and you get almost one acre.  This house is bigger.  I was nice and took some of the pictures from the website.

Look at all those awesome decks, porches, balconies.  Whatever you want to call them.  The one on the second floor looks like it wraps around the house.  I am guessing the bedrooms upstairs have a small one you can walk go out on.
This is the garage.  It does not look like much, but from the description at the realty site, there is also an attached garage.  This garage must have a spare bedroom and a billiards room. I wonder if the drum set is included…

If you are going to have a hot tub, you might as well have it enclosed in class.

I like this kitchen.  It looks like they decided to cut a hole in the wall above the sink in order to see the big screen television in the other room.  Good idea, but I would just put a big screen in the kitchen.

If you look at enough pictures of homes for sale, you notice that it is very difficult to take good pictures of a house.  This picture makes the patio area look kind of narrow, until you realize how big the patio furniture is.  Yep, this is a nice sized area.  I might lay it out differently though.

This room confuses me.  You have money.  Why the shitty television?  Also, if you go to the website, there is a fireplace in this room (there are two fireplaces in the house), but the couches are nowhere near it.

I am going to continue saving my change and hopefully I will have enough for the down payment soon…