Mad Men: In Care Of

Wow.  That was a powerful season finale.  Did anyone else just feel like crying while watching it?  When Don hits that bottom point, where he starts pouring the alcohol out and admitting that he has a problem.  It seemed like maybe things could get better for him and Megan, when he asked her to go to California.

Then he gives up that opportunity so that Ted can restart his life and not become like Don.  It was one of those nice moments that Don every once in awhile has.  The whole speech to the Hershey guys was sickening to watch.  Don poured his heart and soul out, probably costing them the Hershey account.  One of the first times we have ever heard him actually talk about his childhood.

What does he get for this moment of honesty?  The partners have a meeting behind his back and vote for him to take a leave of absence.  He is to regroup and get his act together.  Unfortunately, I do not think this is just some extended time off.  They will not give him a date to come back, and as he leaves, he runs into Duck, who has a new candidate to interview for Don’s position.

The episode ends with Don taking his children to the whorehouse where he grew up.  I think that Sally might see him in a different way and maybe he will open up to her and the other kids as well.  I wonder if losing his job will cause Don to move to California with Megan, or will he lose her as well.

Also, I loved how at the end there was a scene of Peggy in Don’s office and she is sitting in his chair.  So cool that she has went from the shy secretary to now being in charge of the Creative Department at SC&P.

So where will this take the final season of the show?  I have no clue and right now I am too emotionally drained to try and figure it out.