Superman Sequel

The big question after Man of Steel, is who would be the villain for the sequel?  This movie really gave Zod more depth and I believe they would want that with the next villain, although since it is a sequel, that definitely means there has to be at least two, right?  So here are a few of my choices, but also how they could be brought to the screen.

Okay, if you want a really long history of the character, go ahead and read his wikipedia page. Talk about long and convoluted.  What you really need to know is that he is an alien, he is super-smart, and he wants to…well who really knows.  How can you make this character a bit simpler?

You make him an alien technology.  Nothing humanoid at all.  I would make him almost entirely machine.  His main power would be the ability to take control of any computer system.  Also, he is able to control human minds fairly easily, making them a weapon against Superman.  Imagine a scene where a crowd of people starts attacking Superman, yet he cannot fight back because they are still just normal folks.

Lex Luthor

I know what you are thinking:  we have seen Lex already!  Unfortunately, we have never seen the Luthor we all want.  The super-powerful businessman.  Basically, a sociopath version of Tony Stark.  That is Lex Luthor.  He is the richest man on the planet.  He is the favorite son of Metropolis until Superman shows up.

I remember a Superman comic where Lex is doing some kind of workout with a trainer.  She accidentally hits him when he is distracted by one of his assistants.  She scolds him about always keeping his guard up.  He later pays her a visit in the locker room and murders her.  Anyone remember that storyline?

My favorite thing about Lex was always the way he would have these major battles with Superman, but the public was never aware of it.  They consider him a hero as well.  I would love to see an opening scene where Lex is at an awards ceremony, for being the one to help pay for all the damage caused by Zod, maybe they mention that he donated a billion dollars.  Then some crazed assassin takes a shot at him and Superman comes out of nowhere to save Luthor’s life.  I would love to see the hatred in Lex as he has to thank Superman.

You could really make it interesting as Lex becomes the one to discover Superman’s weakness and then when Brainiac shows up, is forced to call a truce and work with the Man of Steel.  Just an idea.  Also, if you have Lex Luthor as a villain, you can introduce a few other minor villains:  Parasite, Bizarro, Metallo, etc…
Another interesting idea would be to have Superman as the villain.  What if you start the film off with a montage of Superman defeating a bunch of his rogues gallery.  You could show images from the Daily Planet, “Superman Defeats Parasite!”, “Superman Takes Down Intergang!”, etc.  He has been so busy, but when does it become too much?  What if he decides to stop a war between two countries.  What if he stops the United States from attacking another country?  When has he gone too far?  That would be an interesting question to ask.

Okay, those are just a few of my thoughts, what are yours?