The Blinding Knife

I bought this book when it came out, but I was so busy reading other stuff that I kind of forgot about how much I actually loved the first book.  The second book was awesome as well and probably a bit better than the first one.  Got to explore the luxin a bit more and delve into the secrets of the characters and the Chromeria.  Definitely loved it.

The book ended on a pretty down note and things definitely went in a direction that I did not foresee.  Gavin can no longer draft and is now a slave on a pirate ship.  Kip lost the Blinding Knife and is now stuck with Zymun, who is informs Kip that they are brothers.  Andross’ halo is restored, and now he has plenty of time to continue to be an evil asshole.

It also turns out that the Color Prince has a plan for Liv.  He wants her to become the Superviolet God and apparently he has a deal with Andross to allow him to become the Red God.  At least Commander Ironfist had his faith restored.  And I am glad that the Blackguards got to see how great of a Prism Gavin actually was.  It gave me chills when they all realize that he had been protecting the seven satrapies for years with the way he had knowledge about sinking boats and fighting pirates. 

I highly recommend picking up this series.  Later in the week, or maybe next week, I will do a casting call for this book.  This one will end up being a little different though.