The Lightbringer Casting Call

I would probably not read these if you have not read The Blinding Knife, since there will be major plot spoilers about certain characters.  Also, I am not too big on paying attention to how they describe nationalities, so forgive me if I completely screw some of them up.

Gavin Guile

The Prism.  Also, he is technically Dazen.  He imprisoned the actual Gavin after the False Prism’s War and assumed his identity.  Not confusing at all.  I swear.  Obviously the actor would have to play both characters, until that awesome moment in the book when you think that Dazen is going to free Gavin and admit to the world his deception, but then realizes that his older brother was always a lunatic and would have been a horrible Prism.  Dazen kills his brother, which was one of those moments I had to read twice.  Gavin is explaining how he will spare his younger brother and allow him to live on an island and then BANG!  Dead.

I definitely got the feeling that Gavin (from here on out, I will refer to him as Gavin, even though his real name is Dazen) was in incredible shape.  He designs the skimmer, which is basically a full-body workout that allows him to traverse the seas in super-speed. Also, the cover of The Black Prism had a picture of Gavin, so I had to find someone close.

I went with Hrithik Roshan, who is a Bollywood actor, who most women find very pleasing to the eyes.  He definitely has that athletic build and the good looks that make women swoon.

Kip Guile
This is Gavin’s illegitimate son.  Well it is the real Gavin’s, Dazen is actually raising him now and telling everyone that Kip is his son.  He is on his way to becoming the next Prism.  He is a full spectrum polychrome and a superchromat on top of that.

By the end of the book, he had figured out that his grandfather was actually helping the Color Prince and was actually a wight.  He stabs his grandfather with the Blinding Knife, but before he can be killed, Gavin steps in front and is stabbed.  He dives into the ocean to save his father and they are rescued by a pirate ship.  Gavin becomes a slave, Kip is tossed overboard and rescued by Zymun.

Kip is described as being fat.  He constantly belittles himself for being fat and ugly.  He has curly hair, but not the sexy curls that girls like.  I kept picturing a fat Jesse Eisenberg.  So damn it, that is what I want.  Cast him for the movie and make him get fat, or just wear a fat suit.  Be a method actor Jesse!  Also, Kip is called Kip the Lip by his grandfather because he has a tendency to speak without thinking and it gets him into trouble.

Karris White Oak
She is a member of the Blackguard and Gavin’s love interest.  They have a pretty interesting relationship.  She was engaged to the real Gavin back when they were young, but was also in love with Dazen.  I guess he was going to propose to her, or run away with her, but her brother’s tried to kill him.  This is what started the False Prism’s War.  Or something like that.

After the war, Gavin broke off their engagement and she joined the Blackguards.  She finally discovers the truth about Gavin and towards the end of the book, he admits that he is actually Dazen and what really happened to her brothers.  They marry at the end of the book, but then she is jumped and beaten by some thugs hired by Gavin’s father, who forbade Gavin from marrying her, since her family had been ruined.

She is described as being very attractive, but also insanely fit.  I am sure Rhona Mitra could do a few more workouts and get herself super toned for the movie.

Commander Ironfist
He is the leader of the Blackguards, an elite fighting unit charged with protecting the Prism and the White.  They also have some other duties.  He is the best of this elite unit.  Everyone looks at him as if he were some kind of god.  

He is also a guy who everyone trusts and at one point is very devout to the religion, but has a crisis of faith.  He realizes that the Chromeria is built upon lies, although those lies might be necessary.  His honor will not allow him to lie to his men about the reasons they will be going to war.  Although, at the end of the book, his prayers are answered and he is last seen weeping when the Green God is killed.
Jason Statham would be perfect as Ironfist.

Adrasteia (Teia)
Teia is Kip’s partner in Blackguard training.  She is a slave who is sent on missions by her mistress.  She is later beaten by her mistress, not for doing anything wrong, but just because the woman is a sadist.

Teia is an excellent fighter despite her smaller size.  She thinks that Karris is the greatest thing ever and wants to be like her someday.  Teia can draft paryl, which makes her extremely useful because she can see through things and track people if they have been marked with paryl.

Kip actually wins her from his grandfather in a game of Nine Kings (I will get to how Andross acquired her later).  He wants to give her his freedom right away, but she refuses.  She wants him to wait until she gets into the Blackguard and then they can split the money that the Blackguard pays for the slave.  He is nice though and says she can have all of it.  I am guessing she will be granted her freedom since most people will assume Kip is dead (that was his wish before the battle).

I think Genevieve Angelson would be perfect.  She is a smaller girl and not the hottest girl in class, but easy to see how Kip could have a thing for her.  And it would be fun to see this little girl beating the crap out of people.

Andross Guile
Gavin’s father.  He is probably the most ruthless man in the entire world.  Also, he just might be the smartest.  He maneuvers everyone to do what he wants.  At one point, one of the characters (I think the White) says that if Andross ever did become the Prism and eventually Emperor of the world, he would probably just kill himself because there would be no more power to grab.

During the book he is constantly shrouded in darkness, since he is close to breaking his halo and as a red does not want to be tempted to draft.  He wears goggles and a hood almost all the time.  Kip tries to kill him because he realizes that his grandfather is a wight.  The effect of being stabbed by the Blinding Knife makes Andross appear a little younger and helps restore his halo.

I can picture Bryan Cranston in this role.  With a little make-up, he could be made to look much older than he actually is, but he has the perfect voice for those games of Nine Kings played in the dark.

The Color Prince

This is the main bad guy in the series.  His entire body is made of luxin, which means he is basically a wight.  He is also a full-spectrum polychrome.  He used to be Karris’ brother, who died in the fire.  He leads a rebellion against the Chromeria.  He believes that everyone should get the chance to draft and that people should go back to worshiping the old gods.

At the end of the book he is pleased with how things went, even though his Green God was defeated.  He says that with the Prism dead, it will be much easier to hatch a bane into one of the gods and when they find a Superviolet Bane, Liv will be the one to get the honor.

I think Benedict Cumberbatch would be perfect.  Most of his body will be CGI, but his voice is what is important.  As we saw in Star Trek Into Darkness, the man has a great villainous voice.  People would want to listen to him.

Aliviana Danavis
Liv joins the Color Prince’s army in order to save Kip and Karris, but the longer she is with them, the more she believes in their cause.  She always resented the way her life ended up in the Chromeria and now she is actually treated as a person of true power.

She enters into a relationship with Zymun, but realizes that he might be a bit crazy.  So she tells Lord Omnichrome (the Color Prince’s other name) about how Zymun plans to kill him.  The Color Prince constantly tests her, and this was another of them.  She is selected for a very important mission, mainly because of her superviolet drafting.

Kip used to be in love with her, and everyone constantly says how hot she is, although she does not consider herself beautiful.  Andross even mentions that he once considered her a worthy wife for Gavin.  Kip knows that if he faces her, he may have to kill her, especially since she rejected her father’s letter to return home, when the Color Prince said he would allow her to leave.

I think Nina Dobrev would be perfect for the role.  Just look at her.

Corvan Danavis
Liv’s father and a general of Dazen’s.  He is the only person to know that Gavin is actually Dazen, he helped him orchestrate the whole thing.  He is considered the most brilliant general in all the lands.  By the end of the books though, he is in charge of the Tyrean refugees now living on Seers Island, which is now considered a full satrapy.  He is also married to the leader of the Seers.

I think Antonio Banderas would be perfect for the role.  He is getting older, but not so old that people could not buy him as a great general.

This is the kid that tried to assassinate the Prism at the end of the first book, but is stopped by Kip.  We later learn that he is one of the Color Prince’s most powerful polychrome drafters.  He also is having a sexual relationship with Liv, and she mentions how good-looking he is on more than one occasion.

The Color Prince sends him on a mission that is doomed to fail because of what Liv has told him.  Zymun escapes with his life and is last seen rescuing Kip.  He tells Kip that they are brothers.  His father is Gavin and his mother is Karris.  He is going to the Chromeria because Andross has summoned him and plans to adopt him since he has no more heirs.

Gavin (the real one) did brag about sleeping with Karris, so it is possible that she had a child and gave it up for adoption, or that someone said it died.  So what would a mix of Gavin and Karris look like?  How about Ben Barnes?

The White
She is basically the second most powerful behind the Prism, although I suppose one could argue by how much.  Apparently her husband helped get her into the position so that Andross could not have it or have someone under his control have it.

At times it seems like she might be working against Gavin, but towards the end of the book she seems to be on his side and eventually marries Gavin and Karris.  She goes as far as saying that the rule of Blackguards not consorting with the people they protect is a good rule, but in this case it is a rule that should be broken.

She is described as older, but in this world, where drafters do not live a very long life, old may be subjective.  I think Kim Basinger would be pretty good.  I know, everyone has Judi Dench in their mind, but whatever.

One of the Blackguard trainees, who Ironfist definitely wants to make it in.  He is already an expert fighter, both of his parents were Blackguards, and there is an air of leadership in him.  During different training exercises his skills become quite apparent, as do his virtues.

I think Robbie Amell would be pretty good for the role.  He is built pretty well, but not a huge guy.  I always got the feeling that people knew Cruxer was the best, but he was not necessarily the biggest of the scrubs.

Andross Guile’s main slave.  He is usually seen coming to order Kip to his grandfather’s room to play Nine Kings.  He also has on a few occasions struck Kip whenever he gets out of line.  He is loyal to Andross and is a formidable foe.

He trained with the Blackguards, even though he can barely draft.  Instead of joining them though, he decided to go to work for Andross.  The Blackguards are not a fan of him.  He is described a few times as a bit of a snake.

At first I kept picturing Wormtongue from LOTR, but then I realized that he would need to be someone who you would believe is actually a badass.  My next thought was Tony Almeida from 24, played by Carlos Bernard.  He was always fantastic at giving off a vibe of distrust and of being pretty tough in a fight.

Plus he has one of those great gravelly voices.  Makes him perfect.

She is Gavin’s room slave.  Her job is to get his clothes ready, organize his stuff, and pleasure him whenever he needs it.  Yep, she is a sex slave.  He eventually frees her though, but she does not want her freedom.

She has to be someone who is very attractive and she is described a few times as having red hair.  I think Hilarie Burton would be perfect.

The Third Eye
The leader of the Seers.  She is a young woman, who can see the future.  She helps Gavin and at their first meeting is trying to seduce him, even though she does not want.  Apparently she saw something in the future that made her realize he had to be tempted.

She eventually allows the refugees of Tyrea to settle on Seers Island and eventually she marries Corvan.  They joke that it was necessary in order to keep the peace, but it seems like they truly love each other.

I think Amanda Seyfried would be perfect.

Master Sharp

Last, but not least we come to Master Sharp.  This guy only had a brief appearance, but it was absolutely awesome.  When Andross bets Kip Teia’s freedom, he has to secure ownership of her first.  He sends Master Sharp to visit Teia’s mistress.

The woman kicks him out of the place, and sends her guards to give him a beating.  He did not actually leave though, and when the guards leave, he comes back and begins torturing her.  We do not know how far he went, but he made a joke about losing teeth.  I think he wears a necklace of teeth.

He just had this awesome way of threatening her that seemed so cool that the only thing I could picture was Donal Logue.  I could see him smiling and saying these terrible things to this woman.  Would be perfect!

Okay, so that wraps up my choices.  Hope you enjoy them!  Feel free to make fun of or make your own choices in the comments.