Under the Dome: Episode 101

I have been waiting for a show like this for awhile now.  Something that I could make predictions about and hopefully have a discussion with folks.  Game of Thrones would be like that, but unfortunately I read the books, so I know what happened.  In this case though, I have not read Under the Dome, so I have no clue what will happen.  It will be fun to speculate.

Here is all you need to know from the first episode (if you did not watch it, you could easily pick up what is going on):  a mysterious dome appears around an entire town.  A cow is cut in half.  People get hurt, mostly by driving into the dome.  Obviously the story will be how can they escape the dome and what caused it.  I am guessing that the story will also revolve around how the people stuck inside react.  People will probably go crazy, as we already see early on.

-The main character is named Barbie.  That is weird.  At the beginning of the episode he is seen burying a dead body, who later turns out to be the reporter’s husband.  Why did he kill him?  Did he actually kill him?  Very odd.  Also, Barbie is played by Mike Vogel, who was the star in Pan Am.  Remember that show?

-So Hank is the evil city councilman who has some sinister plan.  What were they doing buying all of those tanks of fuel.  Will Sheriff Lapidus allow it to happen?   Yes, I will probably refer to all characters by their character names from other shows.  Deal with it.

-Hank’s son, Junior, turned out to be pretty crazy.  He locked a girl in a fallout shelter.  I think she was a Candystriper, I did not even know those still existed.  I look forward to seeing that kid get his ass beat by Barbie.

-I am a little confused about how the dome blocks out sound, but not light.  I realize that sound is a wave and light can be a wave or a particle.  If the dome could block out light completely, what would that be like?  Also, if sound cannot get in, what does that mean for the air?  Do they have a finite supply of air?  I have so many questions!

-Aliens.  That is my prediction as to who made the dome.  From what I have read, the book was a bit of a letdown when it came to the big reveal, so aliens would probably fit.  I refuse to look into at all.  I do not want to ruin the show.

-The show’s main writer is Brian K. Vaughan, who is one of my favorite comic book writers.  He also was brought in to help fix Lost during season three and everyone noticed how the show turned around at some point.

I hope everyone watches the show and we can have fun weekly discussions.