Batman: The Court of Owls

So I finished reading The Court of Owls and I must say that I was quite impressed although a bit confused at the beginning.  I did not realize that DC decided to basically keep all the stuff that had been interested in the last few years into the New 52.

I thought that Damien and the whole Tim Drake being Red Robin was eliminated.  My thought was that it was five years after Batman started, Dick was Nightwing, and Tim was Robin.  I guess I was wrong.

Scott Snyder weaved a pretty good detective story and made me want to try and figure out who was a member of the Court of Owls.  I was annoyed at first that the politician they introduce at the beginning seemed like a similar character that we saw in Hush, which was going to be very annoying.

Anyways, this book has me wanting to read comics again.  Thank you Scott Snyder.