Fantasy Baseball Week Fifteen

Nice match Ryan.  I am not that much of a poor sport that I cannot admit defeat.  It was pretty close most of the time, but he did pull ahead over the weekend.  He also handed me my first loss in strikeouts.  A sad moment.  This was a weird scoring week because of the All-Star break.  They just combined the two weeks.

My best hitter was Buster Posey (7/2/11/0/.425/.429), who is making another strong case for MVP this year.  Brandon Phillips had an interesting week fifteen:  he only scored twice, hit .275, but somehow managed to knock in fourteen RBIs. 

Adam Wainwright had two wins and twenty strikeouts.  Patrick Corbin and Anibal Sanchez both had nice starts.  Bobby Parnell continued to do his thing, three saves and five strikeouts without giving up any runs.  Chris Perez picked up four saves with six strikeouts.  Nice week for my relievers.  Even my middle guys had nice weeks.  Justin Wilson won a game and got a hold.  My best was Drew Smyly:  one win, two holds, seven strikeouts, no runs.  I love vultures.

I am now 98-67-15.  I am still winning my division, but still a few games behind Ryan for first place overall.