Fantasy Baseball Week Sixteen

I should have beat Don by a bigger margin, but my team decided to not hit well on Sunday.  Oh well, a win is a win.  It was nice to see my pitching staff turn it around this week.

My best hitter was Yasiel Puig with a fantastic line of 7/2/4/2/.393/.500.  I tried to trade him and Lance Lynn to Sean for Mike Trout, but he turned it down.  Although he was close to accepting it.  Maybe I should be happy that he turned it down.  Puig may end up being the guy I keep at the end of the year.  My next best hitter was Mark Trumbo 2/1/4/0/.393/.433.

All of my pitchers were great.  Seriously, my worst pitcher was probably Adam Wainwright, who did not get a win this week and had a 3.86 ERA.  Patrick Corbin had a win and 14 Ks in two starts.  My relievers picked up a bunch of saves.  The only weakness was the holds department.  Luckily, Don did not have any holds, so it was not an issue.

I am only five games behind Ryan now and my overall record is 105-72-15.  This week I take on Dustin, who has beat me twice so far this season.  I need to win.