Feed a Child!

I received this in the mail the other day.  It was something about donating money to help feed the starving children in Africa.  Those are actual coins attached. 

It costs six cents to feed one child with one meal.  Seems a little odd then that they decided to just send coins out to people.  How many of these did they send out?  Probably a few thousand, right?  Oops.  I guess starving kids are not that important.

They could have probably made their point by just using a picture of a nickel and a penny, or maybe a fake plastic coin. 

On a serious note though, they say at the bottom that 95% of the donations they receive go to feeding the poor.  I just looked it up through various charity sites, and they are actually higher, more like 97%.  So if you are going to donate to them, I guess this is a charity that actually does some good.

I wonder how many people who donate to a charity like this are also against genetically modified crops?  You know, the ones that have helped save millions of people in third world countries? 

Anyways, Food for the Poor also included a nice little piece that was a prayer request.  Nothing will save those poor, starving children like a good old fashioned prayer.  Or I guess you could write anything in there and have them pray for it.  That is helpful.  Maybe.

And before you ask, yes I kept the change…

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