I stopped at Barnes & Noble after work today because I wanted to find a comic to read.  I went to the comic book store here in Ebensburg last week, but they had the worst selection imaginable.  They did not even have the trades of the Batman Court of Owls series.  How is that even possible?

Anyways, that is not really the point of the story.  I went to the register to pay for my comic and I was stuck behind a girl buying two books.  They looked like the weird angels/vampires/witches/troll stuff that seems to dominate the shelves nowadays.  You know, the books that basically want to capture the Twilight craze.

The cashier asked her if she had a Membership Card and the girl said that she did not.  The cashier then went on to explain what it was and how much it cost.  She also said that you receive monthly email coupons and that if you buy a lot of books it will pay for itself fairly quickly.  The girl says that she does not really read that many books.

I go up to the register and place my trade paperback on the counter and wait to be given the same treatment, instead this is what I got.

Cashier (looking at comic):  Do you have a membership card?
Me:  No I do not.
Cashier:  That will be $16.41.
Me (handing her my check card):  That will be credit.
Cashier:  Okay, your receipt is in the bag.

As I walk away the cashier then greets the ladies behind me with “HELLO!  Do you have a membership card?  Well let me tell you about it…”

Why did she judge that I was not worth the membership card spiel?  I probably buy more books from there than the girl or the ladies.  I think it was because I was wearing a Hawaiian shirt.  That must have been it.