Lindsey Is No Longer My Girlfriend…SHE SAID YES!

Before I tell you all about our trip to Oxford, Maryland, allow me to mention some good news.  I asked Lindsey a very important question and she said yes.  I need to backtrack a bit before I tell the story of how I asked her.

A few months ago, Lindsey and I started looking at engagement rings.  I wanted to know what she would like and figured the best way would be to try a bunch on.  We looked at some at Kranich’s, but nothing really stood out to Lindsey.  When we were in Pittsburgh shopping, we stopped at Littman’s Jewelers and Lindsey tried a bunch on.  She absolutely loved one.  The guy let her wear it around for awhile.

At one point he had me come over to fill out some stuff, saying that they would see if I was approved to finance and to have my email so they could create a profile.  While we were over there, he asked me if I really liked the one she picked.  After that he went over and sized her finger, using some story about how it would go into the profile they created, in case I did buy one there.  I then had to sign a few papers about this online profile, but it was really about financing the ring.

We left and I am pretty sure Lindsey had no clue what went on.  And then a few weeks later, there was a piece of mail from Littman’s and Lindsey opened it.  This is not abnormal, she opens all of my mail, since I have a habit of throwing away important things.  The letter said something about being approved for XXX amount of dollars.  She stopped reading it and put it away.  She thought it was about the financing.  It was about that, but if she had read further down, it said how to log into my account in order to pay my bill.  I somehow got a little lucky.

I had no clue when I wanted to propose.  I wanted it to be special, but I knew that it could not be anything in public, since she does not like that sort of thing.  I was also beginning to have too much fun spending money from what was my ring-fund.  She would get mad and say things like “you are never going to save enough for my ring!”  I would also jokingly tell her where I hid the ring.  Since she did not think I bought it, she never bothered to look.  Do not worry, I would have known if she touched it.

My next trouble was trying to go to Pittsburgh to pick the ring up.  We try to match our days off together, so it was hard to get away.  We went to Pittsburgh for a work thing and on the way back, my brother called me and asked if I wanted to go to lunch the next day.  I wanted to go down the next day to pick up the ring, but I could not say “oh no, I would hate to go to lunch while you are in Ebensburg.  I have too much stuff planned.”

It was another two weeks before I could go down.  Lindsey worked first shift and after she left, I did some stuff around the house (I think she gave me a list of chores for the day and I had to get them all done before I could leave).  I went down and picked up the ring.  I made it home and hid the ring.  I hit some traffic and ended up getting home like an hour before her.

She came home and asked me what I did all day.  I told her I did the chores and then lied about watching movies all day.  For the first and only time, she decided to ask what movies I watched.  I was so taken off guard that I barely named a few movies.

Flash-forward to the present.  We left on Tuesday pretty early.  I had troubles getting the ring out of it’s hiding spot because Lindsey would not go downstairs.  Luckily, she went down for something and I was able to jump into action.  I quickly pulled the ring out, and hid it in my suitcase.  I barely made it.

We arrived at our hotel and decided to sit outside for a little bit.  We came in and she wanted to change before we went to eat.  As she got ready, I made my decision that this was going to be the moment.  For some reason, I started to get very nervous and I knew that if I tried to wait until later, I might chicken out.  When she asked me how she looked in her dress, I said “I don’t know, it’s good, but it is missing something, do you have a necklace or something?”

She went over to her jewelry box, looked around and was like “not really.”  I then pulled out the ring box and said “well how about this?”  Then I got down on one knee and asked if she would marry me.  She started to tear up and kept saying yes.

We then spent the rest of the night celebrating.  The majority of the time was spent answering phone calls and sending texts, as you can tell in the one picture of Lindsey.

Before anyone asks, we have not set a date yet, but as soon as we do, I will make sure to let everyone know.  I think we are shooting for sometime in 2015.


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