Scary Model

Lindsey likes to sign up for those stupid deal websites, you know the ones that say if you get someone else to sign up you will save 10% on your next order?  Well naturally, she puts my email down and I get crap from these places all the time.

Normally I just put them in the spam folder or go to them and unsubscribe, but there are a few that I actually like to look at, especially if they have a good deal on something, although I have yet to order anything.

Today though, I was quite frightened when I saw this picture in my email.  Why does this kid have such a huge forehead?  And why the hell did Diesel decide to have all of their models pose like that?

Lindsey insists that he must be British.  Apparently all British guys just stand around with their arms at their sides.  Very weird.

Also, if you are looking for a good deal on a bomber jacket, Ralph Lauren has one on sale for $2600.

I will probably have to find something else to post very fast because this kid will freak me out being at the top all day.

2 thoughts on “Scary Model

  1. I’m fairly certain this is Keira Knightley with a guy’s haircut.

    Also, I’m cracking up that your lady signs you up for coupon mailing lists!

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