Trip to Oxford

Lindsey and I went to Oxford, Maryland the other day.  She found a deal on the Sandaway Inn on Living Social, but it turned out that they had nothing available while we were on vacation.  She booked it for this week and we worked our schedules around that (we each worked an extra day last week, so we could have three off this week).

I think I may have mentioned some of the good news that came out of this trip.  Just in case you did not read the previous post, Lindsey and I got engaged.  I highly suggest reading that.  This post will be about some of the fun stuff we did while there.

-After she said yes, we went over to The Masthead at Pier Street Marina.  We sat outside and enjoyed a few drinks with our dinner.  I decided to branch out and try Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy.  I actually liked it and that it all I drank at most places.

-We left there and went to get ice cream at the Scottish Highland Creamery.  We walked home, eating our cones, and then grabbed some wine and sat on the porch enjoying a drink and playing Scattergories.

-We may have gotten a bit drunk that night and slept in until 9:45.  The hotel provided a complimentary basket of breakfast food.  I thought they said they would drop them off in the room, but apparently they dropped them just outside the door.  Where ants crawled all through everything.  We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting out by the water, reading and watching the little kids learn to sail.

That was actually pretty funny.  They must have been pretty young because one of them would start freaking out anytime he got close to the rocks.  The instructor went around in a motorboat and just basically had to talk each child off the panic-attack ledge.  It was so funny.

-We walked over to the Robert Morris Inn for lunch where I was able to enjoy another kind of beer.  It was called Magic Hefeweizen from Eastern Shore Brewing located a few miles down the road.  The beer was very good and maybe I have finally found a type that I can enjoy.  I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich, Lindsey had chicken salad.

-The plan for that evening was for us to take the ferry over to Bellevue, which Lindsey informed was within walking distance of St. Michaels, where there are a bunch of shops.

We got to the other side and I realized that she misinterpreted what she read.  It said that the ferry was within walking distance.  Turns out that St. Michaels is like six miles away from Bellevue.  So…we ended up getting back on the ferry and going to get our car.  I then made fun of Lindsey the rest of the night.  We drove over to St. Michaels.

Unfortunately, it turns out that all the shops close fairly early in that town.  We got some dinner at a nice place on the water and then went for ice cream.  After that we went to a Tiki Bar and had some drinks.  We went back home, and enjoyed some more wine out by the water.

-The next day we woke up early and went for breakfast at the Robert Morris Inn, well after taking a walk (gotta keep in shape!).  We sat outside for a little bit, then went back over to St. Michaels in order to hit up the shops.  I was blown away by how much places sell Sperry’s for now.  I bought mine last fall and they were only $50, now everywhere I look sells them for around $100.  Also, this one place was selling there flip-flops for $84.95.  Who the hell pays that for a pair of flip-flops?

So that was our trip to Oxford.  It was a fun time and obviously quite memorable for both of us.  Aside from the major event that happened, it was also super relaxing.  Just being able to sit around, read a book, and watch the water was exactly what we both needed, even if it was only for a few days.

Enjoy more pictures…

This is a giant tree by the cottage.  You could actually go inside and climb around.

This is our cottage.  It was pretty small, but it was very cute and basically perfect for our needs.

Lindsey enjoying some clam chowder.

This church had a funny sign that said “sailors welcome!  Other types too.”  It made me giggle.

This was a hand dryer at Starbucks.  I love the Dyson Hand Dryers and this was the first time I was ever able to take a picture without a bunch of guys in there thinking I was some kind of weirdo.

Everyone must convince Lindsey that she looks good in a big floppy hat!  She will not buy one because she thinks she looks silly.  I think she looks adorable.

This is the tree from the inside.

I drank a lot of coffee this trip.

Should have taken a hint when there were a few other cars on the ferry.

I hate this picture (and yet I include it) because the waitress decided to get down on a knee to take the picture.  I look like a fatty.