Trivia Night at Everyday Gourmet

On Tuesday night, the local restaurant, Everyday Gourmet held it’s first ever trivia night.  Lindsey and I decided to go and we invited her mom and step-dad.  We took second place and won a gift card.

I recommend anyone in this area to go there and check it out next Tuesday.  Lindsey and I will try to go, but with our work schedules it may be difficult.  For those of you who do not know what Everyday Gourmet is, allow me to explain.

It is the little restaurant in downtown Ebensburg.  It looks like a little diner, but it actually has all kinds of delicious food.  We usually go for breakfast, which is pretty much your standard omelets and whatnot (although, sometimes they have crazy daily specials, like a spicy Eggs Benedict which was amazing).

Their lunch and dinner items are amazing though.  The owner is the chef and he prepares some pretty delicious meals that do not cost you an arm or a leg.  Or both.  Also, the owner’s wife is one of the most outgoing and friendly people you will ever meet.  I swear she comes by to talk to every single table.  It is just a cool environment.

They recently picked up a liquor license and now sell bottles of beer and wine.  They can also make some mixed drinks, although there is not a proper bar.  I wonder if they will try to buy the place next door eventually and expand.

Anyways, if you are free on a Tuesday night and want something to do, I highly recommend going there for trivia night.  Oh, and we need someone on our team that answer questions like “name the five members of One Direction.”