Under the Dome: Episode 102

I am starting to have a bad feeling about this show.  The first episode was good, the second was okay, but it had some faults.  The biggest fault was in the way the characters continuously did stupid things and no scene showcased that stupidity better than the house fire.

The lady cop runs into the burning house, her fiance is a fireman, but for some reason she has no clue that if a house is on fire, the door knobs might be hot.  Also, Barbie was great taking charge, but he never thought to tell them to move a car that was near the house?  Or to focus the water on the area around the propane tank?

Also, in the middle of the bucket-line, people are just having random conversations (I hated the lesbians joke about how they did not even know their neighbors in Los Angeles, ugh).  The one kid is just standing there filming the whole thing on his phone, no one thought to yell at him to grab another bucket.

At least the kid is actually trying to do something.  He has figured out that the barrier is curving in an arc and could probably figure out that it is a dome with the help of a little trigonometry.  At least he did not just run to the radio station and announce to the whole town that they were trapped in a dome.  That is what our favorite reporter did.  Not creating a panic at all.

The highlight of the episode was the start of the fire.  Turns out that Sheriff Lapidus was doomed to die and then we are introduced to Father Fatigues, who is hooked on some kind of drug, that I am guessing Councilman Hank, Sheriff Lapidus, and Father Fatigues were cooking up with the help of all that propane.

Father Fatigues finds some evidence implicating them at Sheriff Lapidus’ house and decides to burn it in the trashcan.  He then pushes the trashcan toward the window, which then catches the drapes on fire, he tries to put the fire out with some jackets.  It was all very funny.

I am guessing that the fact that water can seep through means that air also can seep into the dome.  That should explain how they do not all suffocate.  Although, the crazy cop did have a good point about the smoke.  Will it eventually leave the dome, or will that much smoke become a problem?

I have faith that the show can still be quite good and if not, I hope that it goes off the deep end and becomes super silly.  I am sticking with it.