Under the Dome: Episode 103

The episode was a bit better than last week, but it did not do much to push forward the questions of the actual dome.  In fact, all the episode dealt with was the deputy who shot the other deputy at the end of the last episode and some other stuff.

The EvilDeputy escaped from custody and while GirlSheriff tried to hunt him down, Big Jim recruits some guys to do the same.  The best parts of the show were Big Jim and Barbie together.  Big Jim tells him how he got the nickname and that he also knows what kind of man Barbie actually is.  It seems like they had a bonding session, especially since we see how much Jim dislikes his loser kid.

Speaking of Junior…he and Julia go to the old concrete factory to find an underground route out of the town.  Maybe the dome does not go all the way under the town.  It does and Junior looks stupid punching the dome.  Turns out that he also hates being called Junior.  Luckily, Angie was able to steal a pair of scissors when she bandages Junior’s wounds.  Hopefully she kills him next week.

Oh and Julia is a great reporter.  She just heads into an abandoned concrete factory with a lunatic.  Then after he threatens her, she stays with him and tries to give him some advice.  She was a terrible reporter in Chicago and decided to come to the town to be a terrible reporter there.

Then, the worst part of the show happened.  A teen party.  Ugh, is there anything worse?  Everyone finds out that Joe has a generator, so the young folks want to charge their stuff and come play video games.  I love when adults try to write how young people talk.  Sounds so realistic.
-“Ugh, I can’t live without my music, WKRZ’s music choice is so schizo!”  LOL!
-“Do you know what the Sherman Antitrust Act is?  Well it says you cannot set up a monopoly.”
-“We have monopoly the board game at my house.”
-“I banged your sister, now I a am going to bang this girl.”

I also hate the cliche of the evil bully who needs stood up to.  I actually like Joe

This is only the second day of the Dome, so I hope the next episode will focus more on the conservation of resources inside the Dome.  Seems weird that people are just going to the local diner and eating (at least there was a comment about it during the episode).