Under the Dome: Episode 104

It was only a matter of time before that whole no doctor left in the town thing would become important.  The episode features a meningitis outbreak.  Oddly enough, it was actually pretty good.  Here are the highlights and my thoughts:

-Junior was actually pretty convincing with his speech about being part of the town.  So convincing that Linda decides to make him a deputy.  Something tells me giving that psycho more power could be a bad thing.

-Joe and the girl with a giant forehead replicate their seizures by touching again.  Joe has the intelligence to actually record what happens.  “Pink stars are falling.”  Also, in the middle of it, Joe stands up and shushes the camera.  It was pretty creepy.

-There is nothing creepier than a scary looking pastor, especially now that he believes god is involved.  Big Jim cannot have him arrested (he points that out to Jim), but he also must keep an eye on him.

-Julia discovers that her husband was a degenerate gambler and according to Barbie, he probably ran out of town instead of paying back the money.  Needless to say, she is not happy that Barbie lied to her and told him to leave her house.

-The episode ends with Big Jim discovering Angie in the shelter.  I have a feeling that he is going to keep her down there because he will be afraid of how the town will react to discovering his son is crazy.

It looks like the military will try to bomb the dome next week.  Something tells me that will not do any good.  Just a guess.