Under the Dome: Episode 105

Sorry for the delay, had some important things going on.  This episode was pretty good.  The big thing that happened was the government decided drop a bomb on the dome.  There was a bit of a panic from the people when they learned the decision.

Everything starts out with the government busing in the loved ones of the folks of Chesters Mills.  Then Barbie asks one of the army guys, and since he was some kind of hero, they inform him they are dropping a bomb.  Julia helps save everyone by announcing on the radio station about the bomb and that everyone needs to get to the old cement factory, which will serve as a fallout shelter.

Joe and Dorie go looking for his sister.  Hey it’s only been three days, now seems like a good time to run around town looking for her.  I guess he assumed she made it out, but when she did not show up for visitor’s day, he became suspicious.  Also, did his parents show up at all?

Speaking of Angie, I called it that Big Jim would not allow her to leave.  He just turns around and leaves the shelter.  When the bomb is about to drop though, he frees her and she goes home looking for Joe.  Junior intercepts her and it looks pretty grim.  Their story ends with him crying with his head in her lap.  Will she go back to the shelter?

The Reverend went a little crazy, he thought he was hearing God talk to him, saying Moab.  Which was a city in the Bible (actually it was a country), but turns out to be an acronym used by the military for Mother Of All Bombs.  Barbie recognizes it immediately.  The Reverend tries to blackmail Big Jim, but that does not end well.  Big Jim slams his head into the dome and allows the hearing aid to explode, which kills the Reverend.

It seems like next week will begin the stuff I want to see.  Barbie asked the question at the end of the episode about what will happen when they start to run out of stuff?  Will Big Jim take over the town and live like a warlord?  Will Junior go crazy and form a religious cult?  Tune in next week to find out!