Under the Dome: Episode 106

Something tells me this was probably a lot cooler in the book.  I imagine that King allowed the reader to get to know a ton of characters, hinting at darker sides beneath many of them.  Then when the water runs out and they start rioting, it does not seem a little weird.

Unfortunately, the show decided to just have a water shortage and then ten minutes later everyone goes crazy and starts beating the shit out of each.  Hell, two guys decide to kill poor Rose and almost rape Angie.  This is a small town where the majority of the people know each other.  It was just not very believable.  They needed to let the steam build up for an episode.  Maybe make the water the first problem, then start running out of propane, and then food.  Then cause something to spark a riot.

Also, can someone explain what the hell the truck driver was doing?  He was delivering appliances.  The town is cut off from the outside world and without electricity.  Yet somehow someone decided to order a new refrigerator and the appliance store was like “Hot diggity darn!  We gotta get this fridge delivered today!”

It was nice to see that Barbie got to kick some people’s ass.  Also nice that Angie is free and her and Big Jim have made a deal.  Joe and Dorie turn out to be some kind of weird signal blocker.  Julia now knows about their seizures and she thinks they are connected to the dome somehow.  She is pretty smart.

Also, it turns out it can rain in the dome.  Not rain from the outside though, a new climate has been created inside.  The water from the lake, that was contaminated with methane, evaporates and becomes pure then comes back down via rain.  Yay for seventh grade science class!

Did anyone else think it was weird that Julia and Barbie just started making out.  Again, it has been like six hours since she learned that her husband abandoned her.  She has already moved on.

2 thoughts on “Under the Dome: Episode 106

    1. It bothered me right away and then i could not look past that. then the riot happened and i was just irritated. i may be watching this show just to make fun of it. haha (and find out what caused the dome)

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