Fantasy Baseball Week Nineteen

It is nice to be back on the winning side.  Sorry that it had to come at the expense of Offord and pushing him closer to the outside of the playoffs.  Sorry my friend. 

My best hitter was Pablo Sandoval (3/0/7/0/.458/.519).  About freakin’ time!  The guy has been less than spectacular at most points in the season.  Mark Trumbo hit three home runs and stole a base.  That is pretty awesome.  Nate McLouth, Elvis Andrus, and Jose Bautista all had some awesome weeks.  And by awesome, I mean they were pretty terrible.

Pitching was pretty good, Adam Wainwright had a nice two starts racking up seventeen strikeouts.  The rest of my starters were pretty good minus Mike Minor.  Matt Cain has looked pretty good since the All-Star Break.  My relief pitchers also did an okay job, especially Vin Mazzaro and Justin Wilson, who helped balance out the bad ERAs from a few other relievers.

I am still in second place and I am five games behind Ryan.  This week I take on Imler, who is in fifth place.  My record is 130-81-17 and I have clinched a playoff spot (not much of an accomplishment since the majority of the league gets into the playoffs).

I was looking back at some of the older leagues and it looks like no team ever hit 150 wins in a season during the regular season.  Ryan and I could both do it and Ryan could possibly hit 160.  That would be an amazing feat, but then we will probably both lose in the first round of the playoffs.