Fantasy Football Draft Results

I was able to set up a league this year and get eleven other people to join.  I am a little disappointed in a few of my friends who decided not to join the league.  Maybe next year they will come to their senses.  Here are the members of the league:

IRNotRetarded:  Me
Pecan Sandies:  Adam
Off In Church:  James
Killing With A Smile:  Dustin
PAH-Lah-Mah-LOO:  Jim
Sean’s Ramblings:  Sean
Amanda’s Team:  Amanda
Most Valuable Peener:  Jason
Golden Tater Tots:  Jessica
Balls Deep:  Pat
DC Stillers:  Jason Offord
50 Shades of Jay:  Jarrod

I did absolutely no research before the draft.  I set up the league, but I could barely remember what changes I made to the scoring system.  I made a bunch.  I had a good idea of a strategy going in and I believe that is the key in any fantasy sports draft.  Not falling in love with players, but instead falling in love with a system.

How did my draft strategy fair?  Well judging by the Yahoo Draft Report Card, it was pretty awesome.  I had the highest grade (B+) and won the Best Draft Award.

I like the part about Risk Hater and how the actuaries love my drafting style.  I am projected to go 10-3-0 and score 2061 points. Get to the draft results:

At the sixth pick, I was looking at Ray Rice and debating on whether to go for Calvin Johnson.  Megatron would have been a solid pick, especially in this league, but the depth of top tier running backs is very slim. 

Offord took Brees, who was a QB that I actually wanted.  QB TDs are worth six points, but interceptions are minus three.   There are nice bonuses for a QB who throws over 400 yards in a game.  Brees is worth the the risk in my opinion, same with Rodgers.

In the second round I wanted a WR or QB.  Since Julio Jones was available, I decided to take him, then take Peyton Manning in the third round.  I do not believe that Cam Newton will be that valuable in this league.  Just a hunch…

I swear that I have drafted Dwayne Bowe in every league I have ever been in.  Even in leagues before he was in the NFL.  In the next round I had Vernon Davis on my queue, but then Antonio Brown was available in that round.  I could not resist.  After that, it was going back to the plan, secure a tight end.

I am not 100% sold on Colin Kaepernick, so it could be a rough season for my brother.  I think Alex Smith is still available.  Adam made a mistake in not drafting a backup later.  Jessica picked up Giovani Bernard, which will probably be a good pick up.

That said, I needed another RB and I went with BenJarvus Green-Ellis, which may not have been a good idea.  I should have taken Montee Ball, but I wanted him in a later round.  Then Pat took a defense and I knew what would happen:  the Closer Phenomena.  This is when one guy takes a closer, everyone else panics and starts grabbing them.  If you want to screw up a baseball draft, take a closer in the third round.  I decided to take the San Francisco defense and just like that everyone started taking defenses.

I was shocked that people started taking defensive players this early as well.  People did their research as well, discovering that Yahoo does not rank defensive players well.  You get one point for a tackle, so naturally the big middle LBs will get you a ton of points. 

Trust me, I learned that the first time I was in a league that had one defensive player.  Everyone went for corner backs or big sack guys.  I took Lawrence Timmons and then later dropped him to pick up Brian Urlacher, who had a ton of tackles and some interceptions. 

I decided to take James Laurinaitis who has been a league leader in tackles over the past few years.  This round also saw the beginning of the disappearance of kickers.  I grabbed Janikowski.  I made the settings to give you more points for long field goals, but punish you more if they miss short ones.  If a guy misses a PAT, it is -2.  That is awesome.  I decided to take St. Louis in the next round.  I like having a backup defense that is actually good.  Nothing worse than having a defense on bye, going to pick one up who gets you negative points.

Now it was time to go for some backups.  I took Schaub as a QB (remember when people thought he was moving into that elite fantasy QB ranking?) and then grabbed Jacquizz Rodgers.  I realize this makes my RB group a bit less than stellar, but that is a risk I am willing to take. 

A few rounds back, my brother took NaVorro Bowman (who I wanted), so with my final pick I took Tamba Hali so that we could go with a PSU defensive battle at some point.  Although, maybe I should have taken Sean Lee, who went two picks later.  Markus Wheaton is my big sleeper pick.  Or he will be dropped pretty early.  I actually liked Mohamed Sanu, but I liked the idea of taking a rookie with this pick.

I think that my team is pretty good, but there are some serious questions.  Pat’s team looks like it could actually be better than mine.  As everyone knows though, the draft is the fun part, but it is navigating the waiver wire that wins you a championship.

Good luck to everyone!  And as always, check back each week as I will recap my match-up and how the league is doing.

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Draft Results

  1. Hey man…I’m sorry brother, I actually completely forgot about your league. I would’ve taken charge for some shits and giggles…I just didn’t want to dominate 2 of your fantasy leagues from the start. I want someone else to have some bragging rights before I take over your fantasy football nightmares too!

  2. you have defensive players???? Boo! I’m out next year too. I actually loved Amanda’s Team draft. I don’t like their last 3 picks, but otherwise I pick them to win the league…if that means anything. And I HATE fantasy leagues that use defensive players…HATE

  3. I overlooked the scoring for QBs. Running QBs aren’t an advantage at all in this league. Oh well. I also forgot about losing points for missed FGs. And drafting a backup QB is overrated.

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