Terrible Idea

Clipped from http://www.mediabistro.com/galleycat/chuck-palahniuk-announces-fight-club-sequel_b74715

Seriously Mr. Palahniuk?  A sequel to Fight Club?  Why the hell would we need to revisit a book that had a perfect ending?  Jack and Marla are married now and living in the suburbs?  Does that really seem like the direction things would have went?

Honestly Chuck, if you want to write a sequel, why not finish the Rant series you mentioned in 2007.
We’ve had a bunch of negotiations for Rant. It’s going to be the first of three books on the same sort of theme and the movie production people want to see at least outlines on the next two books in the series because nobody wants to buy the rights of the first of three and not be able to control the rights to the second and third books.  So I really have to sell Rant as a three-book package. So once I’m able to present those people with a product outline for the next two books, then we’ll sell.

Hmmm, since then we have had four books with a fifth on the way.  I have loved all your books, but seriously, try to finish this series before you buckle to pressure from people wanting to cash in on a Fight Club graphic novel sequel.