Under the Dome: Episode 107

Honestly, does anyone care about the stuff that happened?  There was some pretty good stuff going on, but it was all pretty insignificant compared to what Dorie and Joe discovered in the woods.

Joe had the bright idea to consider the the dome like an atom and the center should be the nucleus.  He and Dorie figured out the center and found another miniature dome there.  Inside the dome was a dark egg-like thing.  What the hell could be in there?

I would like to make a prediction right now:  it will not be an alien.  That seems like the obvious answer.  Okay, I am kidding, it is definitely an alien.  Or the beginning of another universe.  Whoa, that would be pretty cool.

Lindsey thinks it will be an alien too, or maybe some stars.  I have no idea what that actually means, but she is half asleep right now.

It would be awesome if it turns out to be an ostrich egg.  Everyone knows that ostriches have super telekinetic abilities.  Probably the power to put up two domes in order to incubate their precious egg.  That is how the show will end, a giant ostrich coming for it’s baby.  Mark my words…mark them well!

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