Under the Dome: Episode 108

I really thought the episode was going to be terrible from the first few minutes.  The whole Big Jim versus Junior thing was so stupid.  Big Jim was mad at Junior because he shot the kid that tried to rape Angie, yet Big Jim thought it was a good idea to kill the priest and blow up a propane tank with a guy nearby.  Does it seem like that family is a bit crazy?

Then we go to Big Jim versus Ollie.  Ugh, that was pretty stupid at first as well.  Big Jim’s plan is to use council bylaws in order to take back the water?  Do these people realize they are cut off from the outside world?  Ollie responds by claiming they are on private property.  I half expected lawyers to come out of nowhere and explain the zoning laws to each other.

Fortunately, the show decided to get better after that.  Junior joins with Ollie and learns that his mother actually committed suicide.  Junior says that he wants to be the one who kills Big Jim.  The townspeople form a small militia and under Big Jim’s leadership, they attack Ollie’s farm.  Meanwhile, Barbie is trying to steal some fertilizer and blasting caps in order to blow up the well and restore water to the reservoir.

It all goes quite smoothly, minus the dead people.  Big Jim and Junior reconcile.  Or at least it seems that way.  Junior learns why his dad hid the truth from him and ends up shooting Ollie.  He is still staying at the jail though.

Joe and Julia head out to the egg and we see that it is no longer black, but instead it is pink.  When Julia touches it she ends up seeing another Joe, who says “the monarch will be crowned.”  At the end of the episode she tries to figure out what it could mean and then they show Angie, who has a butterfly tattoo.  Will she become the queen of whatever hatches out of the egg?  I have no clue.

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