Under the Dome: Episode 109

Who will be the fourth?  That is the new important question.  Joe brought the mini-dome back to the house and when he, Norrie, and Angie placed a hand on it, there was some kind of reaction, but it showed them that they need a fourth person to open it.

Junior would be the obvious choice, since his mom went crazy and painted him with pink stars falling around him.  Although, I do not think it will be him.  I have a feeling that it will be someone else, maybe the stoner kid.  Or maybe it will be Barbie.  Perhaps they will just introduce another character.

Speaking of introducing a new character, pretty great that Winona from Justified is also in the town and she is the boss of the drug ring.  Apparently she is also Barbie’s boss.  Now she wants all the guns in the town and she is forcing Big Jim to collect them.  I guess she wants to create a black market or something.  I feel like Barbie should just shoot her and take the chances of her revealing his secrets.

I also enjoy that Angie is standing up to Big Jim and demanding the deed to Rose’s diner.  Two days prior she was locked in a fallout shelter.  Does she really think it is a good idea to antagonize Big Jim?

I hope that when the town finds out that Big Jim, Duke, and the Reverend were cooking meth in order to save the town, they all just go “meh, makes sense.”  That would make me laugh.  Or maybe Heisenberg will show up and send the entire town on a trip to Belize…