Under the Dome: Episode 110

Okay, so the show went the obvious route by making Junior the fourth person needed to activate the mini dome.  When the nurse said something about there not being someone with a seizure since Angie’s 10th grade dance, it was pretty clear who they meant.

When he finally was able to touch the mini dome, the pink stars shot all over the place and started to form constellations.  I think we can all agree that the dome is from outer space.  Monarch butterflies are definitely aliens, hellbent on taking over the earth.  Just wait and see.

Linda and Julia discovered the truth about the men they love.  Linda found out that Duke was doing horrible things with Maxine, like setting up a meth lab in town.  Julia learns that Barbie killed her husband, but that it is okay because he was setting Barbie up to kill him, so she would get the life insurance.

Can someone explain what Big Jim was doing?  I must have missed what his plan was, but it turned out pretty well.  He discovers Maxine’s heritage and then kills her mom.  What was he looking for at the house though?  Something to use against her?

The fight club scene was okay.  Barbie was forced to fight against a guy he once collected money from.  I wish they would have made the fight more interesting, especially since Barbie is supposed to be a special forces guy.  Some of the moves looked like something you would see in a staged professional wrestling match.

There are only three episodes left.  Hopefully we get answers and maybe the dome comes down.  Or everyone in the town dies.  Obviously either one is fine.

2 thoughts on “Under the Dome: Episode 110

  1. He went over there to see if he could find the “evidence” Maxine had on them. When he realized her mom was the evidence, he got rid of it – like he originally planned.

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