Workin’ a Bridal Shower

A few days ago I posted a picture of me wearing a beret and mentioned that I would give more details about it later.  Well the time for those details is now.  Yesterday was Lindsey’s sister’s bridal shower.  Lindsey did the majority of the planning (with help from her mom and sister).  Awhile back they decided that they wanted it to be a Sunday Brunch and they wanted someone to cook for it.  Originally they thought omelets, but then they decided on waffles.

I remember making the comment that it would not be that difficult to do waffles and somehow it turned into me being the guy who cooks the waffles.  I had one stipulation though, I wanted a cool chef’s coat.  Lindsey bought that for me and for some reason decided I had to have a beret to go with it.

The shower went off perfectly.  Lindsey is a fantastic planner and she should probably leave the restaurant industry and do something with this skill.  There were multiple stations set up:  waffles, mimosas, coffee, water/punch, fruit/mini-sandwiches, and cupcakes/donuts.  All the work was done by Lindsey and the bridesmaids minus a few little things.

To be honest, the only problem came from the actual building.  When we plugged in all the waffle irons (we had six), it kept tripping the breaker.  So I reduced it to three.  Then there was the problem that none of the irons had timers and they were all different, so I just had to guess.  Also, they were various sizes, so it was hard to judge how much batter to put into each one.  The first few rounds were a little messy as I had waffle batter squirting out the sides.

We also made entirely too much waffle batter.  Lindsey was thinking that everyone would take a full waffle and since there were 60 people coming, that would be how many waffles we would need.  I said that we really only needed 30 because most people would only take half or maybe a quarter of one.  I ended up being correct and we tossed two containers worth of batter away.

That was the biggest learning lesson during this entire affair.  We definitely had way too much food, and if this did become a business that Lindsey would want to attempt, we would have to put more work into figuring that out.

Once all the ladies had their waffles, I did a quick clean up and bolted from the place so that I did not have to be involved in a bridal shower.  I came back when it was over though and helped clean up and pack everything into cars.  Especially all the fruit and juice that we got to bring home.

This was the waffle station.

Cupcake & Donut Station

Fruit & Mini-Sandwich Station

Water & Punch Station

Mimosa Station

Coffee & Hot Tea Station

These are parfaits in the shape of the couple’s initials.  I made the ones that form the K.  Granola, strawberry yogurt, and raspberries.

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