Breaking Bad: Felina

If you have not watched the episode, now would be a good time to stop reading.  There will probably be a few spoilers in this post.  I am sure many people will tell you how they have been watching this show from the beginning, but this is not the case with me.  Lindsey and I started watching it back in 2011 when AMC decided to run two episodes each week in preparation of season four.  We have been hooked ever since.

Once Hank was killed, it became apparent that there was no going back for Walter White.  Granted, he did not pull the trigger, but his actions led to his brother-in-law’s death.  Then he went even more evil by giving Jesse to Uncle Jack.

Walter came back to town with a pretty insane plan.  Yet, for some reason, his plan always works.  He gives his money to the Schwartz family and they are to create a trust for Walt Jr.  He tricks them into thinking he hired hitmen to kill them if they did not do it.  It was actually just Skinny Pete & Badger with laser pointers.  That was actually hilarious.

I thought for sure that Walter was going to find (or manufacture) a connection between Grey Matter (the company that he and the Schwartz’s created) and Madrigal (the company Lydia works for) and then blackmail them, or maybe give them up to the police since they said he never contributed anything to the company.

There were so many great parts of the episode, but one of the best was when he started to explain to Skylar and she cut him off about how she was sick of hearing how he did it for the family.  He finally admitted that he did it because he liked it and it made him feel alive.

It was obvious that Lydia was going to get the ricin.  When Walter went back to his house for the capsule, I racked my brain on who he would use it on.  Then we saw the scene of Lydia and Todd at the coffee shop.  And I remembered how many times this show has pointed out that Lydia must have stevia.

I loved the way Walter realized that Jesse was alive and working with Uncle Jack.  I thought for sure he realized it during the Charlie Rose interview, but instead it was during his questioning of Badger and Skinny Pete.

At least Walter sorta redeemed himself by tackling Jesse before killing Uncle Jack’s crew.  There was really no redemption for Walt, but saving Jesse and allowing him to go free was a good start.  Also, giving Jesse the option of killing him was good.  However, Jesse proves that he is not a puppet of Walt’s.  Also, was there a better feeling than when Jesse strangled Todd?

The ending was the only way it really could end.  Jesse escaping alive and Walter dying while admiring the thing he truly loves.