Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Five

Good job Imler.  You beat me and I finished in sixth place this season.  What a letdown!  After finishing in second place during the regular season and then losing in the first round of the playoffs…ugh!

Congratulations to Sean for winning the championship.  He was able to beat Game Changers (Don) 7-4.  Impressive season for Don, who finished in dead last in 2012.  Offord beat Ryan for third place.  I guess this was a bit of a letdown for Ryan as well. 

My best player this week was Adam Wainwright, who had two wins and ten strikeouts.  The rest of my players were okay.  Unfortunately, most of my hitters did not play as much during this week, in order to rest and whatnot.  That definitely hurt.

So, let us have a look at the final season stats…

I made this chart to show who was the best team overall.  I just ranked each place for every category and then added them together.  Yes, this is a very scientific analysis…

Interesting that Sean was the best team overall.  He barely edged out Ryan.  I was fourth overall.  I think that my team’s low average and on-base percentage really hurt me.  I need to work on that for next season. 

As I last week, I definitely think we need a few more players for next season.  I would like to have at least 12 teams, but maybe even as much as 16.  If anyone is interested, please let me know.