Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Four

I beat Dustin.  Yay.  I am now playing for fifth place.  Big freakin’ deal.  Congratulations to Sean, who beat Ryan and is playing Don for the championship.  Offord is playing Ryan for third place.  I am going up against Imler.  Good luck to everyone!

I am not even going to pretend to care which of my players did well.  The only thing I am thinking about is which players I need to keep for next season.  Should I go with Wainwright and Posey?  Buster has really fallen off at the end of this year, almost the exact opposite of how he played last August/September last year.

Or should I keep Yasiel Puig?  Is he for real?  Will he have a monster year next year?  Do I want to be the guy who allowed Puig to get drafted by someone else and then he has a Miguel Cabrera type year?  What would I really be giving up?  Posey is much more valuable when he is winning a batting title and belting 25 HRs than he is this season. 

Eric Hosmer is someone to consider.  If he could do what he has done in the second half all season…wow.  He would be definitely worth keeping.  In fact, he is my highest ranked hitter.  Only person on my team ranked higher is Wainwright.  That is why my team failed this season.  Not enough guys ranked in the top ten….

Anyways, this is what I will be thinking about all winter.  If anyone is interested in joining this league, do not hesitate to message me.  We are looking for a few more people.