Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-One

” This week I take on Gideon, who is only ten games out from making the playoffs.  Unfortunately, he will not be making it this year.  Sorry my friend…”

That is what I said last week.  I should know better than to taunt.  I am not Johnny Football (see, I can do topical humor!).  Fortunately, my team stepped up over the weekend or I would have been shutout.  Look at how bad those pitching stats were, ugh, this could be cause for concern.

My hitters were actually pretty good, it is very rare when I hit over .300.   My best hitter was Yasiel Puig (3/2/3/3/.458/.500).  Alex Gordon also had a nice week (6/1/7/0/.344/.364), which is always good when a waiver wire pickup steps up.  Brandon Phillips, Buster Posey, Elvis Andrus, and Pablo Sandoval all had great weeks as well.

I am not sure what to do with Mark Trumbo, Desmond Jennings, and Nate McLouth.  All three are hitting under the Mendoza Line over the past month.  I believe that one of them could turn it around, but not sure about the other two.

None of my starting pitchers were good.  Adam Wainwright had a 40.50 ERA, Lance Lynn’s was 15.75.  I swear the Cardinals do not care about my fantasy team.  When their starters are getting shelled, they leave them out there to save the bullpen.  Bastards! 

This has been a little worrisome lately, as Lynn and Patrick Corbin seem to be tiring out.  This also looks to be the case for Justin Wilson, his effectiveness as a middle reliever is not nearly as dominant as it was early in the season. 

The playoffs are pretty much set, only the eight spot is up for grabs.  Good luck to Gideon, who needs a big week in his match up against Dustin, but he also needs Ryan to destroy Swing’nTheBigStick.  Good luck Gideon, I am pulling for you!

I am at 139-92-21 and I take on Pat, who is having a dreadful season.  I would like a nice win before heading into the playoffs, which start next week.  I would also like to congratulate Ryan who is at 157 regular season wins, which is definitely a high in our long history.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-One

  1. Thank you. Thank you. I could not have done it without everyone else taking a step back in their worse than usual performance this year, and admire my dominance as a fantasy baseball expert. You realize in the long history of our league, I may only have finished in the playoffs worse than 2nd once, and if I did, I finished first overall in the regular season…Which will probably be the case this year too. I dominate the regular season, now watch Gideon make a magical run this week and make the playoffs with my help beating up on the current 8 seed, and then he wipes me out in the first round of the playoffs…C’est La Vie

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