Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Three

Words.  I have no words to describe how crushed I was by this defeat.  I honestly thought that this would be the year that I would finally win a championship.  That is not happening now.  Congratulations Offord!  I am rooting for you to win the whole damn thing.

Up until Saturday it was very close, hell at one point I was winning 7-3 (I think on Friday).  Back in Week Three, I made a trade with Offord:  Giancarlo Stanton/Jose Altuve for Mark Trumbo (there were pitchers involved, but they did not factor into this).  Trumbo had a huge game on Tuesday, going 5 for 5.  Unfortunately, Altuve and Stanton decided to do a bit better the rest of the week.  Altuve (6/1/6/4/.444/.444) and Stanton (4/3/6/0/.280/.379) definitely helped him win.

Trumbo and Alex Gordon were my best hitters.  Gordon was a fantastic pick-up over the last few weeks.  This week he hit for this line (8/3/4/1/.308/.357) and for the few weeks he was on my team, he hit (17/6/15/1/.314/.344) in only 20 games.

This week I take on Dustin, but honestly, my heart is not in it.  I will pay attention though, and set my line-up each day, but I will not look for new players or anything like that.  Since this is a keeper league now, I guess that means draft order will be determined by what place you finish.