Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Two

Pat has to hate me at this point.  I beat him this week in baseball and football.  Sorry Pat.  At least I messed up and did not start Adam Wainwright or Matt Cain on Saturday.  I will get to that in a second.

Elvis Andrus was my best hitter (2/1/4/2/.462/.429) with Posey, Hosmer, and Sandoval coming close behind.  Sandoval hit three home runs during one game.  The rest of my guys were pretty sub-par.  Over on the pitching side, Anibal Sanchez and Jarrod Parker were my best.

I went to set my pitchers on Saturday and I noticed that Matt Cain was starting, but was on the DL.  I tried to start Cain, but it would only move him to the bench for Sunday.  After trying that I forgot to go back and set Wainwright, who had a great game against the Pirates.

I finished with a 145-97-22 record.  Ryan won the regular season with a 161-85-18 record.  This week I take on Offord in the first round of the playoffs.  Good luck to everyone in the playoffs!